Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the questions most asked by our customers.


Showcases exceeding the maximum dimensions possible in our online shop can still be made. To do so, write to us via the contact form or by e-mail at:, taking care to give us all the information (dimensions, colour, engraving…).

To clean the Plexiglass, use a soft cloth and the special Plexiglass care product. Make sure your cloth is free of dust that could scratch the plexiglass.

The superimposition of showcases can be done in some cases. Only the ATLAS and ORION display cases, which have a compact base at the top and bottom, can be easily stacked one on top of the other. 3 to 4 showcases depending on the weight of the works on display.

Depending on the configuration, our showcases can support a load up to 50 Kg. If you wish to stack the showcases, it is preferable to limit them to 3 levels for a weight of approximately 35 Kg per showcase.


The colour of the plexiglass bases and walls can be chosen by making a request for custom-made showcases. We will later offer different colours as standard.

We do not currently offer a lighting system, however, when you place your order, you can ask us to drill holes on the HPL trays or on the Plexiglas walls so that you can run your power cables for your own lighting.


Vitrine Expo delivers in Europe (except Switzerland). Any possible customs charges are at the buyer’s expense.


We accept payment by credit card, Paypal and credit card up to 4 times free of charge.

After-sales service

In case of breakage or loss, contact Vitrine Expo giving us the reference of the product in question, we will manufacture the piece as originally.

An invoice may be requested in order to verify the characteristics of the showcase.

Any other questions?

If we have not answered your question, we will be happy to answer you immediately by phone or email.

With Vitrine expo, exhibit and sublimate in complete safety. From toys to works of art, we will be able to offer you The exhibition solution adapted to your needs.

Useful information

Monday to Friday – 8h/12h and 14h/18h by phone at +335 81 97 02 65

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