Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the questions most asked by our customers.


The ALATAR collection (Alpha / Atlas / Socle Ares) is available as standard and made to measure directly from our online shop. If the dimensions of your display case exceed the maximum dimensions possible on our online shop, please ask us for a quote via the contact form or by e-mail at:, taking care to give us all the information (interior dimensions of the display case, range of display cases (Alpha / Atlas / Socle Ares), full contact details for an estimate of the delivery cost).

To clean the Plexiglass, use a soft cloth and the special Plexiglass care product. Make sure your cloth is free of dust that could scratch the plexiglass.

The superimposition of showcases can be done in some cases. Only the ATLAS and ORION display cases, which have a compact base at the top and bottom, can be easily stacked one on top of the other. 3 to 4 showcases depending on the weight of the works on display.

Depending on the configuration, our showcases can support a load up to 50 Kg. If you wish to stack the showcases, it is preferable to limit them to 3 levels for a weight of approximately 35 Kg per showcase.

Plexiglas can be maintained with a soft cloth or microfibre cloth by moistening it or by using the special Plexiglas maintenance product, available in our online shop.


Our CEOS showcases are available in one size: Width 45 x Depth 39 x Height 45.

  • Composite walls (aluminium / PE) with a thickness of 6mm. This material is composed of a high density polyethylene core, covered with two matt white lacquered aluminium sheets.
  • Glass front panel: Tempered / safety glass, polished edge, 4mm thick.
  • Lighting: Cool white LED spotlight 6000°.
    Connection joint between display cases (to be used for stacking CEOS).
  • Stainless steel screws.

CEOS showcases can be stacked up to a maximum of five boxes, which corresponds to a height of approx. 230 centimetres.

The maximum permissible weight per box is 15Kg.

The glass front panel can be removed at any time to access your artwork. If you have several showcases stacked, remove the connecting joints between the showcases so that you can easily remove the glass.

The finishing cover is useful when the top of a display case is visible.

One power supply kit can power up to 6 CEOS showcases.


We ship our products to most European countries directly via our online shop, and to the rest of the world upon request by email.

The delivery rate in metropolitan France is 29€ (including tax) for one window, and increases by 10€ for each additional window.

Please note: delivery will be offered from the 10th window on the same order.

All our showcases are protected and carefully packed. The showcases are shipped as a parcel by a specialised carrier. For large showcases and/or over 30kg, the packaging is done on pallets and delivered by a specialised carrier.

Delivery times are 4 to 6 weeks for products from the ALATAR collection, standard or made to measure.

From January 2021, delivery times for the CEOS collection will be 5 days.

All shipments from Vitrine Expo are insured.

In the event of breakage or loss, we invite you to contact us by e-mail at, specifying the reason for your claim and your order number. We will process your request as soon as possible.


Payments can be made by PayPal (+3.5% fee) or by credit card, in cash or with facility to pay 2 to 4 times free of charge from 125€ purchases.

*In metropolitan France only.

After-sales service

Yes, all parts of our showcases can be ordered separately by simple request by e-mail to

The return of a non-compliant product must be made by email to within a maximum of 30 days from receipt of the product. Once your request has been processed by our customer service department, the product may be returned in new condition, in its original packaging. The return will be at the expense of Vitrine Expo. Vitrine Expo undertakes to send you the product in accordance with your request.

Any other questions?

If we have not answered your question, we will be happy to answer you immediately by phone or email.