Vitrine expo

Exhibition showcases and collector's showcases

From a simple figurine to a work of art, we will be able to offer you an exhibition solution adapted to your needs.

Standard size showcases or the possibility of creating your own custom-made showcase.

Vitrine d'exposition sur-mesure ALPHA
Vitrine exposition ATLAS 6060
Table d'exposition KRONOS 1965 4270
Vitrine d'exposition sur-mesure ORION
Vitrine collection figurine

Why choose VITRINE EXPO?

With VITRINE EXPO®, it is the guarantee of a meticulous work, 100% made in France. We do our utmost to ensure that your belongings are sublimated, while giving the furniture an aesthetic appearance with a refined design.


The meticulous choice of materials and the concept of assembly protected by INPI ®, allows us to obtain a very resistant structure, while minimizing the mass of the furniture. This gives us a pure and simplistic showcase with resolutely modern lines.


The production line is located south of Toulouse, in the premises of Vitrine Expo ®. From research and development to the final product, including prototyping, no tasks are subcontracted. We thus guarantee our customers, quality products resulting from a perfectly controlled manufacturing process.

Standard showcases

These showcases will allow you to subtly display your works, even the most voluminous.

The 5 mm thick Plexiglas walls fit into each other with a notch system, giving the display case good stability.

The compact 13 mm thick base will withstand heavy loads.

However, if you want to be able to stack your display cases, choose the Atlas range of display cases.

Custom-made Showcase

Finally the practical and economical solution to create your custom display case according to the same quality standards as our standard display cases. The possibilities are now almost endless!

In pictures

Galeries, Installations, Magasins, etc.

Some examples of our showcase installations…