About Vitrine Expo


“How do we exhibit, sublimate and protect the works we care about? »

Vitrine Expo® was born from this observation. The need to offer our customers an innovative display solution that meets collectors’ criteria.

We attach particular importance to the aesthetics of our showcases, taking care to use first-class materials.

Constant research and development will enable us to expand our range to offer you ever more successful and high-performance products.

From standard to custom-made with personalization, any collection will be highlighted with VITRINE EXPO ®.

Why choose Vitrine Expo?

With Vitrine expo ®, it is the guarantee of a careful work, 100% made in France. We do our utmost to ensure that your possessions are sublimated, while giving the furniture an aesthetic appearance with a refined design.


The meticulous choice of materials and the concept of assembly protected by INPI ®, allows us to obtain a very resistant structure, while minimizing the mass of the furniture. This gives us a pure and simplistic showcase with resolutely modern lines.


The production line is located south of Toulouse, in the premises of Vitrine Expo ®. From research and development to the final product, through prototyping, no task is subcontracted. We thus guarantee our customers, quality products resulting from a perfectly controlled manufacturing process.

Design and manufacturing

Research and development

Vitrine Expo develops and manufactures its own exhibition solutions. From research and development, through design on 3D software, feasibility, prototyping, resistance tests, up to mass production or custom manufacturing.

We are constantly upgrading our product range as our research progresses and making the necessary improvements.

The design of new display systems will complete our range to meet collectors’ demands.


The manufacturing process of our products is done through several stages of transformation of the raw material.

Trespa Compact HPL panels and Altuglas (Plexiglas) panels are processed by mechanical milling on a CNC cutting bench.

Several finishing operations are then carried out on the HPL plates such as polishing the fields, CNC engraving, adding anti-slip pads.

The Altuglas (Plexiglas) walls also undergo treatment after cutting, such as engraving, polishing and hot bending for the ATLAS range models.

Packaging before shipment is then done by parcel or on pallet depending on the size and final weight of the product.



Altuglas® guarantees excellent light transmission and exceptional optical properties. As transparent as crystal, Altuglas® transmits and reflects light better than the finest glass. Higher light transmission than other materials is one of the major advantages of Altuglas® sheet and block.

The figures speak for themselves:
– Altuglas® light transmission: 92%.
– Light transmission of the glass: 90%.
– Light transmission of polycarbonate: 84-89%.

Altuglas® sheets are resistant to heat, UV rays and many chemical agents.
They also pass with flying colors the impact tests required in the construction industry, for example.

HPL Trespa

The high-pressure laminates designed by Trespa represent the high end of the compact panel.

They combine their excellent aesthetic qualities with properties and benefits that are of interest for interior design solutions.
Trespa HPL is an extremely robust material: resistant to scratches, impact, abrasion, chemicals and heat; characteristics that make it ideal for use in the display of works of art with high dimensions and weight.


Find the list of our partners. Manufacturers of top-of-the-range official statues, specialized shops Manga, comics, Pop culture.

Taka Corp Studio is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end, limited-edition derivative products under Japanese animation and video game licenses.

Kitsune Statue is a French company specialized in the creation of high-end resin statues in limited edition on manga and animated licenses.